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Creating New Filters

If you want information in a certain page to be displayed in a specific way, you can create your own My Filter. By selecting the My Filters from the menu dropdown, the page you are in will display information according the parameters set up for the Filter. For example, if you want the Records List Page to display permits that were submitted in a certain time frame, you can use this tool to sort and display those records.

The pages that have the My Filters drop down menu will also have a My Filters in the Menu drop down. This is where you will edit and create Filters. Filters are specific to the page and specific to the user who created it. If you create one under your profile, a co-worker would not have the same My Filter in their drop down menu.

After going to My Filters in the Menu drop down, click on ‘New.’ You will be able to choose from fields that suit your purposes. For example, if you wanted to create a Filter for inspections, you might select Scheduled Date as one of your fields. You will also use a dropdown menu to choose from operators like = (equals), and != (not equal to). The field after the operator drop down gives you the option of choosing from a menu or typing content. In our example, you might choose the field "Inspection Date" with the operator "=" and then a field for a specific date range.

Fields are case sensitive and your Filters will not work if there were minute differences between your search and the reference data. For example, if you select "Inspection Type" is "=" (equal to) and then you enter "electrical," if the reference data lists inspections under "Electrical," your Filter will not pull data because of the difference in capitalization.

Once you have set the parameters, click the ‘Submit’ button, and after you refresh the portlet, you will be able to select your newly created query from the My Filters drop down menu.


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