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Fund Transfer

Fund Transfers occur when all or part of a payment needs to be applied to a different record than the one it had been previously recorded to. For example, a contractor pulls one permit for two services, but the permit was supposed to be for two different locations. Realizing the error, the contractor contacts the agency to set up a new permit and requests that the credited fees be transferred to the new record. In this scenario, on the original permit, you would first adjust the fees to correct the number of services. This will create a credited fee equal to the cost of one service.

Follow these steps to complete a fund transfer:

First, void the paid fees on the permit with the payment to be transferred. This will create an unapplied credit.

Next, go to the permit that the newly credited payment will be transferred to.

From that permit, go to Payment on the Record Page List and click on the ‘Fund Transfer’ button.

Now you will be able to search for the permit that has the credited payment on it. The search fields available are the same ones that you will find in the Record List Page, so you are able to search by address, record number, project name, and more. Check the box next to the permit you want to transfer a payment from, and click ‘Select.’

After you select the record, the Payment page will take you to the fund transfer fields.

In the method drop down menu, select Fund Transfer. In the transfer amount field be sure you input the correct amount to be transferred.

As a best practice, we do not recommend that you transfer any excess payments that would need to be refunded to the new record. If a refund is due in addition to the fund transfer, you would want to issue the refund from the permit that the excess fees were paid to.

After entering the amount in the transfer amount field, enter your comments, then click ‘Submit.’ The payment will transfer over, and will be added as unapplied fees. You should get a message that the fund transfer completed successfully.

Apply the fees and confirm that the original permit has a zero balance for fees not applied.


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