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Records can be grouped into sets. Sets of records can be helpful when you want to take the same action with multiple records, such as applying a single payment to three different permits that an electrical contractor is trying to pull. If a customer brings in one check for a group of permits, you can make them into a set and then apply the payment to the set, rather than having to access each permit’s payment portlet separately to transfer the portion of the payment to each permit.

There are a few ways to create a set:

  1. From the record page, check the boxes next to the permits you want in the set. Then click on the ‘Create a Set’ button. This will give you two choices, create a set and select all and create a set.
  2. From the Sets page, click on the ‘New’ button to create a new set. After you type in a set name, click ‘Submit.’ Now the set has been created but no records have been added to the set. To add records to the set, be sure you are on the "Set Member" page. Next click on the look up dropdown and select Lookup Record, find the record then select it by checking the checkbox next to the record number and click on submit to add records to the set.

After you have created your set using the above methods, you can take an action on the set.

To make a payment on a set, go the Record Sets page, select the set and go to the payment tab. From there you can click on the ‘Pay’ button to enter the payment information for the group of payments.

To expire a group of permits, select the set from the Sets page, and click on the ‘Execute Script’ button. By simply clicking on the option to Expire Records in Set, each record will now show a status of expired.

The Record Sets page will retain up to one hundred sets. After you have made more than one hundred sets, sets will be deleted as new ones are created. You are also able to delete sets by checking the box next to the set and clicking the ‘Delete’ button.

When a set is deleted, the entries for the set are deleted from the set page and the set details tables. If a set had a payment made on it, and the set was then deleted, the receipt for the set can be regenerated by running the report titled Set Receipt, which can be found in Financial Reports v3.

A set payment cannot be voided or refunded at the set level. Voids and refunds must be done for the set member records individually. If the set payment receipt is regenerated, it will show the actions taken in the set Payment tab for each of the set members. When a payment is made, the Set Receipt number will appear in the Payment tab. In order to generate it, click on the receipt number. Depending on the set members, the Set Receipt will attach itself to a record in two ways. The primary way the Set Receipt attaches itself is to the parent record. However, if there is no parent record in the set, the Set Receipt will attach to the record that was created the earliest. The receipt will have to be manually uploaded to the other set members if you want each of them to have a receipt.

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