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Licensed Professionals and Contacts

Professionals and Contacts

ePermitting receives a nightly update of CCB, BCD and MDI (Manufactured Dwelling Installers) licenses. This means that changes occurring on a professional’s license will not show in Accela’s data until the next day. We update DEQ (Onsite System Installers) every couple of weeks from the DEQ website. We also load Architects, Engineers, and Landscape contractors approximately once monthly. 

Pages that manage people reference data include:

  • Professionals (also called "License Professionals")
  • Contacts

Note: Owners live in the Property reference data as part of APO (Address, Parcel, and Owner).

Professionals Page

Professional licensing is validated at the time the application is submitted, and again when the permit is issued. As a result of this, you may get an error that the contractor license that is associated to the application is not valid when you go to issue the permit. If you get this error, check the licensing website to determine their current status. If you are able to confirm that their license is active, then you can make an update to their reference record in the Professionals portlet.

To do this, go to People in the Launchpad links on the left side of the page, and then select the License Professionals page, click ‘Search.’ Input the license number into the appropriate license field and then select ‘Submit.’ From the returned results, select the record. This will populate the Professional Detail page. In this window you can see the status and the license expiration date fields. Before updating, double check that the license number you are updating corresponds to the license you looked up, not just the contractor name. If you are unsure of a contractor’s license status, do not make an update to their information. Contact the licensing section or call our office if you have any questions.

After updating the license status and the license expiration date fields, click ‘Save.’ You can then submit the application or issue the permit as needed.

As a result of the nightly licensing load, this updated information may be overwritten with the new information. If the licensing section made the update to that person’s license in their data system, then the license information on the permit will still show as active. If the licensing section did not update the license status and information in their system, then your updates will be overwritten.

If this happens, it is recommended that you refer the contractor directly to the licensing section. You are also able to update the address, primary phone, or email for immediate purposes, such as printing the permit, but the information will still be updated nightly with the other system’s data.

You can also see the Associated Record List Page from the Professional Detail options which displays the records that person is associated to.

Contacts Page

Contacts are added manually by the jurisdictions. By adding a contact to the reference data tables in this page, you are able to search for and populate the information in records, saving you the time of entering contact information multiple times for an individual. The contact reference data is ideal for adding information for larger contractors, planning consultants, or others you regularly do business with that do not have a professional license.

Before adding a new contact, search for the contact to ensure you do not create a duplicate record.

If a match is found, select it by clicking on the last name (the last name will show in blue) Contact page, a Contact Detail page will load and you can make updates here as needed. If no match is found, select ‘New’ and add the new contact information, and then ‘Submit.’

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