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Accela Printing Issue - Inspection Route Sheet

We have heard from a few agencies regarding an issue where choosing Menu > Print Page stopped working recently.

It will print the page but shows an error message instead of the information:

"[pageNotFoundError]Sorry, We can not find a proper page for you."

We believe the printing issue is caused from a Microsoft Windows Security Update that broke printing in IE 11 that was released June 13 - please see attached screen shot. Here is more information from Microsoft:


 As of 6/26/2017:

Microsoft has provided a work around for the printing issue you are experiencing in Accela by installing another Windows update (Please see attachment titled "Windows Workaround install") :


Microsoft leaves a warning to install at your own discretion and it states this may make your computer or your network more vulnerable to attack by malicious users or by malicious software. Please work with your IT folks to determine what is the best decision for your agency. 

Some additional workaround options are:

To print Route Sheet Information you can:

Print the "Inspector Route Sheet" Report by:

You can find the report in the Reports portlet/page – it is in the Inspections category.

The report will show the scheduled inspections for a specified time frame for a particular inspector (or inspectors) or all inspectors. The report lists the inspections in route number order if route number have been assigned. If no route numbers have been assigned the order is by permit number then inspection.

 You can also try-

Following the directions on the "Windows Security Update" (attached document) that outlines how to Select All and Print the selection for the Inspection Route Sheet screen, as an example. This method should work for printing the info on most other pages.


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