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CET Report - Problem Solving Issues

Case 1: Incorrect school district assigned

  • A permit was assigned the incorrect school district during the second quarter reporting period.
  • This caused incorrect CET fees to be associated with the permit.
  • The mistake was not discovered until after the completion of the reporting period.
  • The mistake was corrected by voiding the incorrect CET fees, changing the School District ASI, adding the correct CET fees and applying the previous payment to the correct fees. All these steps were done during the third quarter.
  • The CET report for the second quarter will not include this permit in the beginning section which shows the individual permits with payment and square footage information for each School District because the School District (which was changed) does not match the original CET fees school district. (This part of the report uses the school district as a parameter – the school district name must be in the CET fee description).
  • The CET report for the second quarter will include the incorrect fees in the second section of the report (which collects information when the Fee Description is like ‘CET%’).
  • The CET report for the third quarter will not show the credited fees in the first section (again because the school district does not match the fee description. Both the voided fees and the corrected fees will appear in the appropriate school districts in the second section.

Avoid this situation by checking and reconciling the CET fees before the end of the reporting period. If an error is found, do not make the correction until after the report is completed. Make payments as specified in the report. Arrangements will have to be made to receive a refund from the incorrect school district and pay the correct school district during the next reporting period.


Case 2: Incorrect CET fee amount

  • A CET fee was incorrectly calculated.
  • If the mistake was discovered and corrected within the reporting period, the CET report will show any voided fees and paid fees. The totals will be the net of all fees (voided and applied).
  • If the mistake was discovered in a different reporting period, the voided fees and newly paid fees will appear on the report, but not the original incorrect fees. The totals will be the net of the voided fee and the newly paid fee.

For best results, check and reconcile the CET fees before the end of the reporting period.

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