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How to Create a Fee Estimate

The first few steps in creating a fee estimate are the same as if you were creating a new permit record. Begin by clicking the ‘New’ button in the Launchpad or Record page. Select the record type you need. Enter as much of the permit information as you would like to. The information you enter now will stay with the temp record, which could save you from entering information twice if the customer returns for the permit. After you have entered the permit details, click the ‘Estimate Fee’ button, which can be found on both the top and bottom of the SPEAR form.

Once you click the Estimate Fee button, you will add fees and change the valuation calculator to either the calculated value or the contractor value. The fees you enter here will be the basis for your estimate. Add the fees from the appropriate fee schedule. To add these fees, click on the ‘Add’ button. After adding the necessary building permit fees, you will need to click the ‘Submit’ button.

Once you have added fee items from a specific fee schedule, click ‘Submit’ before going to the next fee schedule (if necessary). Then click ‘Add’ to continue adding fees from different schedules. Often, when permit offices give a customer a fee estimate for a new dwelling, they will include fees for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, site development, driveway, and site utilities. However, some estimates are simple and require only one fee schedule.

When you have finished adding the fees, select 'Cancel' to exit the fee screen and close the application. Refresh the Record screen and your EST record should appear.

To run the fee estimate, go to Building Reports and select Permit Specific, then the Fee Estimate report. Enter the estimate number and the report should generate.

Later, to turn a fee estimate into a permit, click on the existing fee estimate’s temporary record number. The application will open and give you the same button options that you had when you originally opened the record, such as ‘Save,’ ‘Save Without Submit,’ and ‘Estimate Fee.’ To make a permanent record from the estimate, click the ‘Submit’ button instead of ‘Estimate Fee,’ and a permanent record number will be assigned.

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