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Adjusting Fees on a Permit That Has Already Been Paid

If a permit has been created and you need to add a new permit item, use the process for adding fees. If, however, a customer is adjusting the items on their permit, such as when there are two dishwashers on a permit but it needs six, you will need to adjust the fees.

To adjust the fees on a permit, go to the Fees Page. Since permit items are grouped together by type, you will need to select the checkbox next to the item and void the entire group. So if the fee item says three branch circuits, you will void them all. Then you will add the correct number of items back onto the permit; in this case six branch circuits.

After you add the correct fees back onto the permit, the State Surcharge will be credited back to the permit and then recalculated. If the permit had a Minimum Permit Balance fee applied to it, the minimum permit balance will be credited back to the permit and recalculated also. The new fee items, the Minimum Permit Fee, and the State Surcharge will have a new status. In our example, you would see the credited fees from the original calculation, and the new fees assessed from adding six branch circuits onto the permit. Select the checkboxes for the new fees and click ‘Invoice’ and then go to the Payment Page.

In the Payment Page you will see that you now have Unapplied Fees. Under the Transactions section of the Payment Page, check the box on the line with the Unapplied amount  and click Apply (see attached image entitled Unapplied Fees2).

Next you will be directed to Apply the fees to the correct fee items (see screen shot entitled Apply Fees). You will want to apply the Unapplied amount to the State Surcharge and the fee item that you adjusted. In our example, that would be the branch circuits. After you Apply the fees correctly, click Submit.

You will now see that the Unapplied amount is $0 and the balance that is left is what the customer owes. Process payment as per regular procedure.

Please Note: It is very important to Apply the Unapplied amount before processing payment. If you process a payment before Applying the fees, Accela will Apply them at random and this will affect your account codes and receipts.


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