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CET Fees and Valuation Change when Fees Already Invoiced/Paid

The steps for dealing with CET fees upon square footage change when the fees have already been invoiced/paid are as follows:

  1. Change the square footage in the Valuation Calculator in the Navigation Pane. Update the existing square footage so that the total square footage is what is showing. Click Submit.
  2. Go to Invoice Fees and void any fee affected by valuation.
  3. Re-Add the fees. Make sure that you use the updated total square footage when you re-add the CET fee.
  4. Invoice the fees.
  5. Go to the Payment page and apply the unapplied balance toward the correct fees. After you apply the fees, you will have the remaining balance that the customer owes. 

Note: You need to Apply the Unapplied Fees before processing payment. If you do not, Accela will Apply the Unapplied funds randomly. This can affect account codes.

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