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Permit Fee Retention for Work Completed

A Permit Fee Retention can be charged by an agency as a way to recoup the cost of work already completed on a permit (i.e. inspections) that ends up being withdrawn by the applicant. The Oregon Standard Model has the Permit Fee Retention broken out into 3 standard percentage rates to assist with this. The Permit Fee Retention process precedes the consideration of any refund and because it is the retention of actual permit fees, there for it invokes State Surcharge, which is based upon the percentage of the total amount of permit fees retained. Note: Retention of Plan Review fees are not subject to State Surcharge.

To process the Permit Fee Retention, go to the fees page in the record navigation pane. Select the applicable permit fees that have been invoiced and paid and void them to credit if they have not been credited already. The click the Add fee button and locate the percentage rate that you are going to retain of the permit fees paid based upon work already completed. Enter the amount that the Permit Fee Retention is based upon (excluding previously paid State Surcharge) in the Quantity Box; click Submit and Invoice the new fees, including the newly recalculated State Surcharge.

Go to the Payment Page. You will see that you now have Unapplied fees (from voiding the permit fees to credit). Select the source payment in the transactions section that shows Unapplied fees (transactions appear at the bottom of the Payment screen). Select the Apply button and apply the monies to the Permit Fee Retention and the State Surcharge. The Unapplied balance that is remaining is what is eligible for the agency to refund to the customer.

Please see attached document with information on Permit Fee Retention for Work Completed.


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