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New Applications/SPEAR Form

New applications can be created through the back office. When a customer submits a paper application, this process is how the application would be entered into the system. To start a new application, click on +New in the top of the launchpad or click on the ‘New’ button in the Record page. Both of these options will bring up a new window that will begin by asking for the record type. The record types available will depend on the services offered by your jurisdiction. The boxes next to the record category containing a plus sign, ‘+’, will bring up the options available in that menu. In this example, when you click on ‘+’ next to Building, the menu drops down with the option for Commercial, Inquiry, Post Disaster, and Residential. By clicking on the ‘+’ next to Residential the menu drops down with the types of residential building permits.

Once you have selected your application type, the SPEAR form will populate in the window. The ‘Record Type’ field is read only at this point. To change the record type, click ‘Cancel’ and open a new record. After completing the application, you have the option to submit the permit into the system, save the application without submitting, print an estimate the fee for the permit, or cancel the application.

Clicking ‘Submit’ will create the permit record. After you submit it, a window will pop up that will let you pend inspections to the permit. Using the arrows in between the available inspection types field and the selected inspection types field, you can move the appropriate inspections over. Once you click ‘Pending Inspections,’ the inspections you selected will be pended for that permit. Now they will be visible in ACA for customers to schedule online and are recorded in the IVR system for customers who phone in their inspection requests.

Once created, you can add documents, payments, new fees, and more. After submitting the permit, it will become available in ACA for the customer to pay online if they are not paying in person.

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