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Pending an Inspection

Homeowners, contractors, and others are able to schedule inspections on the ePermitting website without logging into the website or having a user account. The website will also give details on the completed inspections to any user. This allows contractors to track their inspections and gives information to real estate professionals and others who may inquire about completed permits.

Pended Inspections are inspections that have been listed as required for a permit but have not yet taken place. Adding them to the pending list makes them viewable to customers so they know which inspections to request and in what order to schedule them.

To pend an inspection, select the permit you are working with in the Record page and go to Inspections in the navigation pane to the left. Under the ‘Manage Inspections’ menu drop down, select Add/Schedule Inspections. This will bring up a pop up window, which will show the different inspection types. Use the arrows in the center of the window to move the required inspections over. After you have selected the inspections, click on ‘Pending Inspections’ to add the inspection to the pending list.

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