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Supervisor Button in Workflow

There might be times when you need to go back and change a completed Workflow task on a permit. For example, if your permit was finaled but you realize that the final inspection was somehow missed.

To change the status of a task that has already been completed in Workflow, you will need to use the Supervisor button.

To begin, select the permit that you need to change the status of in the Records page.

Then click on Workflow in the Navigation Pane.

Click on the Supervisor button to get into the Supervisor Selections.

Select the Active Task (Any tasks in red are active) to open it.

You will deactivate the current Active Task by selecting Task Active? to No Task Completed? to No and select today's date in the Due Date and Assigned Date then Submit.

Next, click on the task that you need to alter. In our example, you would click on the Inspection Process task.

Once the task is highlighted red, you will want to change Task Active? to Yes and Task Completed? to No.

Then click submit. 

Next click cancel to return to the workflow.

You will see your task under In Progress in the Workflow and it will show the last status that it was moved to, now that you have moved the workflow back you need to update the task to reflect the current workflow status. In our example, you would click on the Under Inspection or Awaiting Scheduling task to illustrate that inspections are still necessary.

Last, from the Navigation Pane select Record Status and update the New Status with the status you have backed the record up to, in our example we would select Permit Issued/Under Inspection. This is one of the very few exceptions where you should manually set a Record Status.

Note: You will want to review the documents and delete any documents that were issued as a past result and are no longer applicable to the record. For Example if a Permit was issued previously and you have backed the Workflow up to Application Intake to collect additional information the Permit that was issued previously is no longer valid and will need to be deleted in the documents page and issued again as the workflow progresses. Documents that are automatically issued like a Permit or a Certificate of Occupancy are available on ACA, and if you do not delete them they can be reprinted.

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