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Issuing a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)

Once all inspections have been completed and fees paid on a Structural permit, a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued. This process begins in Workflow and can be found after the Inspection Process task. Once you click into the Certificate of Occupancy task, you will have the option of selecting three statuses: C of O Issued, Inspections Complete, or Not Applicable. To issue the C of O, select the C of O Issued status. You will also need to fill out the Portion of Building and Occupancy Load fields and you will be asked to verify if the owner was involved in the project, the licensed professionals and that all related records have been finaled. Once you fill in all required fields, click Submit. This will generate the C of O and it will attach itself to the record in the same way as the permit. You will also have the option of emailing it to any contacts that are associated to the record. Once the C of O is given the status of issued, the permit will automatically close out and be given a status of Finaled.

If you determine there was an error or missing information on the C of O once generated - you can regenerate it outside of the record workflow. Go to the Record List page and locate your record - check the checkbox located next to your record and make sure the record is also selected. Select the Reports button dropdown along the top of the portlet - select C of O from the dropdown and this will regenerate the C of O report for your selected record. You will still have the option to email this report if needed - you also have print controls as needed. As with the workflow generated report, the manually generated report will automatically save to Documents on the record. For this reason, it is recommended that you go to Documents, and delete the prior version of the C of O that had errors or was incorrect to avoid any confusion or the incorrect version being sent out. To delete a document, you select the document in question by checking the checkbox next to the document, go to Manage Documents button dropdown and select Delete - the duplicate document will be deleted. This is also highly recommended when regenerating a Building Permit on a record which is done using all the same steps as above.


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