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Adding Conditions to a Record

Conditions: Are Notices, locks and holds. Used to inform users of internal and/or external issues as well as possibly restrict a record.

  • Tend to be more global in nature and applicable more often to reference data such as parcels, addresses, licensed professionals – regardless of the project/permit they are indicated on.
    • Example: applying a standard condition (typically a "notice") to a general parcel in reference that is in the floodplain so that anytime that parcel is used for any permit application, that information is shared.
  • Are not generally time sensitive.
  • Are not indicated on the Building Permit or Certificate of Occupancy reports.
    • Note: must use the "Special Conditions" task specific information or TSI to include any requirements of occupancy on the Certificate of Occupancy report.
  • Can be applied as a "Notice", "Hold", or "Lock" – particularly where a Hold or Lock will technically not allow additional activity on the record such as payment posting or inspection scheduling.

To add a condition to a record, first select the record that you want to work with. Then click on Conditions page from the menu on the left side. Click on New when the Conditions page opens up. Once you hit new, a screen will open up with several dropdown menus. See attached screenshot.

You will choose from Condition Group and Type and then select the severity. You will then type in the Condition Name and choose whether or not you want it to be inheritable. If you select that you want the condition to be inheritable, it will also be applied to any child records that are created. You also have the option of choosing whether or not you want the Condition Name and Comments to show in a banner when you are working in a record as well as whether or not you want the condition to be viewable via ACA.

Once you have filled out all of the information in the form, click on Submit. Your condition is now applied to the record.

If there are multiple conditions on a record, you will have the option to choose a display order for them.

To add conditions of approval or comments, see Adding Conditions of Approval to a Record.


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