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Adding Conditions of Approval to a Record

Conditions of Approval: Lists the Conditions and Comments from Office Staff and Inspectors that will appear on the record. Some reports (documents) will also display Conditions of Approval.

Conditions of Approval:

  • indicate for specific conditions of approval for permit issuance unique to the given permit / record / scope of work, particularly items that would have to be fulfilled and/or completed prior to project completion as a caveat of permit issuance.
  • tend to be project / permit specific in nature and time sensitive.
  • are included on the Building Permit report (when indicated for "ACA displayable") [also included on the Public Works Permit report].
  • are automatically applied only as a "Notice" which does not stop any activity on the record such as payment processing or inspection scheduling.

Please see the attached document for steps to add a Condition of Approval to a record.

To add a Notice, Lock or Hold to a record, see Adding Conditions to a Record.


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