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Cloning Records

Cloning a record allows you to create a child record from information already entered into a permit. A clone is effectively a copy of the selected record and allows the agency to select which record items they want to include in the cloned copy.To create a cloned record, first pull up the record you want to relate in the Record page. Use the navigation pane options will display on the left, click on ‘Related Records.’

In the Related Records page you will see a button entitled Clone Record; click on this to begin.

Enter the number of clones you need to make of the record into the first field, and then select the record type to clone. There does not appear to be a limit to the number of records that you can clone at one time. However, entering in a high number of records will slow the process down. Too many clones may cause the action to time out.

After you have selected the correct record type, you can use the arrows between that field and the one to the right of it to move the record type to the next field. Then click the ‘Submit’ button. 

Next, you will select from a checklist which information from the existing record you want to be moved over to the new cloned record. We typically recommend cloning only the Address, Parcel, Owner, Licensed Professionals, and the Contact infoIn addition, we do not recommend cloning Record Details as this will bring over date fields that are not applicable to your related child record and might affect your reporting. For example, the Opened, Issued, and Expired dates will reflect the parent record that the information was cloned from rather than the actual dates of the child record. Please see attached screen shot for a visual of the options for copying over. The highlighted fields are the ones that you DO NOT want to copy.

After selecting the appropriate boxes that you wish to clone, click ‘Submit’ and the record will be created. A pop-up window will tell you if any information failed to transfer over and the page will go back to the starting place for cloning records, showing the new record. Be sure to go back in and add the necessary data to the cloned record; ASI, Description of Work, Workflow, etc.

Important note: Completion of ASI, Submitted Job Value, and/or Valuation Calculator will not automate fees on clones/copies for those record types where fees are traditionally automated at intake. Instead, fees will need to be added manually through the Add Fees button.


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