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The State of Oregon ePermitting is proud to announce the full launch of SelecTXT to all ePermitting agencies, a new service allowing contractors and homeowners to utilize interactive text messaging to:

  • Schedule inspections
  • Reschedule inspections
  • Cancel inspections
  • View inspection results
  • Include comments/instructions for Inspectors

Our IVR vendor Selectron has developed this new solution that simply uses your existing cellular text messaging functionality for scheduling inspections. It’s easy and fast, and better yet, does not require installation of an app, keeping an app up to date, or any other add-ons. With one word, users can begin the inspection scheduling process and SelecTXT will guide them from there. Helpful hints will ask them for their IVR tracking number and inspection code to complete the process in just a few key strokes. The commands are simple to remember and intuitive. It also offers "Express Commands" where users can complete the scheduling process with one single text message making it one of the fastest ways to schedule inspections being offered.


Helpful links to the following:

  • Customer brochure - an end-user brochure is available for your lobbies, to provide with issued plans, and to hand out to your contractors. Please see Attachment: State of Oregon Permitting SelecTXT Brochure.
  • Agency Informational/Instructions document - Please See Attachment: State of Oregon SelecTXT Agency Document.

Please note: all the same Model scheduling and IVR rules still apply to this scheduling option – 7am cutoff for same-day scheduling, same-day cancellation cannot be done so customers must contact your agency, and if your agency has elected in IVR to not allow inspections if fees are due – this is upheld.


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