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Adding and Maintaining APO (Address, Parcel, Owner) Records in Property Reference Data

Reference data is separate from transactional data in that it has to only be input or loaded once and then used or referenced when creating new records, over and over again (such as Property APO, People Licensed Professionals) - where transactional data is specific only to the one individual record it was input for and therefore cannot be further used or referenced without re-entering all the same information again. Reference data becomes transactional once it is associated to an individual record when selecting it from reference Property or People. Once it is transactional, it is static and intended to be a snapshot in time of that address/parcel/owner/licensed professional information at the time the permit was created, and is also not subject to subsequent updates made to the source information in the reference data. 

Please see the attached document for instructions to add and maintain APO (Address, Parcel, Owner) records in property reference data.


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