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Adding an Address

To add an address, first go to the Launchpad in the Spaces Menu. In the Parcels page, search for the parcel. If the parcel does not exist in the system, click on ‘New’ to create a new one. You will not be able to see the ‘New’ button until after you have performed a search. This prevents duplicate information from being entered. All addresses must be tied to a parcel. Add the parcel information into the new parcel fields. If your jurisdiction uses districts, add an inspection district under the district ASI selection.

In the Parcels page, you can click on the owners tab to look up the owner information. If no information is found in the reference data for the owner, you will need to create a new owner. You are able to add multiple owners to a parcel. From the Parcels page, use the address tab to add the address. Again, search for the address before adding the new one, and if it does not exist, create a new one using the ‘New’ button. Click ‘Submit’ after entering the new address information.

Then go to the address type tab and add your jurisdiction to add the address type. This step is very important. Adding the address type is what connects that address to your jurisdiction’s services. When a customer cannot see an address in ACA but the address shows in the back office, the address type not being marked is often the issue.


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