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Each agency maintains the addresses in their jurisdiction. Initially, addresses are loaded into the system based on data received from the County Assessor’s office (this is referred to as an APO load; Address, Parcel, Owner). If a new address is issued or if an address was missing in the data from the Assessor’s office, a jurisdiction can add or correct addresses through the back office. Addresses can be stored in Accela in two different ways:

  • Reference Data: This is information that has been stored in reference tables. From the reference tables, the data can be searched for and added to records.
  • Transactional Data: This is information that is only added within the data of a record or permit.

Adding information to a record itself, such as an address or homeowner information, does not add that information to reference tables, which means it would not be available in other places in ePermitting. For example, an address is changed during the construction of a new house, so the permit technician goes into the SPEAR form for the dwelling permit to correct the address. This updated the address for that record, but if another contractor tries to pull a permit through ACA, that address will not be available in their search. By changing the address in the reference tables, it saves the information for current and future use. When reference data is changed, all of the records that are pulling the information from the reference tables will be updated as well.

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