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Using a Temporary Address in APO

A temporary address is specifically used as a placeholder for the Address requirement at intake in Accela when a permanent address is not assigned/available. Best practice is that ONE temporary address is created for the jurisdiction and used repeatedly when an incoming application does not yet have an address assigned or the type of project - such as Traffic signal or fire hydrant - is occurring in an area that will likely never be permanently addressed such as in the Right-of-Way. Then this one temporary address is monitored regularly through Reference Property and removed/replaced AT THE RECORD LEVEL TRANSACTIONALLY once a permanent address is assigned, it is not ‘removed’ (inactivated) from Reference Property as it will likely have many records associated to it at any given point in time.

The temporary address does NOT have a parcel or owner associated to it as with permanent addresses, as that information would change from record to record as the temporary is needed. When using the temporary address, it is associated separately at intake in the SPEAR form Address section – and when that is the case, Parcel and Owner are also associated/added separately through the intake SPEAR form by searching those sections individually as well.

The temporary address would not have an Address Type indicated unless you wanted it to be available for use through ACA – but an online applicant would have to know the temporary address in order to search to it. Additionally, the temporary address would not have an Inspection District indicated, if used by a jurisdiction, since that information would vary from record to record depending on the actual physical location of the project. However, an Inspection District can be added transactionally at the record level as needed for accurate inspection scheduling. Inspection Districts help to indicate which inspection calendar should be presented to the customer for scheduling based on the permit address and record type.

A jurisdiction could elect to add an additional temporary address, such as 123 ROW Street or 123 HYDRANT Street, if desired, for those properties that will never be permanently addressed – so that those can be distinctly tracked from others.

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