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Whitelisting is a must to receive ePermitting helpdesk emails from Kayako

Please note that we use a web-based helpdesk tool called Kayako to manage all of our agency helpdesk tickets – the epermitshelp.BCD@oregon.gov email is directly associated to the Kayako tool – is for agencies only (not for end-user/contractor customers) - and automatically generates a ticket with each incoming email.  When we reply to tickets with solutions, questions, follow up, etc. – we are finding that many agencies are not receiving the replies from Kayako, that they are getting caught in spam risk filters.  We strive to first reply to all tickets within 24 hours of submittal. 

If you find that you are not receiving replies to Kayako tickets, please whitelist (with your IT and/or on your local PC) the Kayako email domain kayako.com and our helpdesk email as well as our helpdesk email listed above to resolve this.

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