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Activities - Difference Between Start Date and Due Date

When using Activities, what is the difference in Start Date versus Due Date?

The designated Start Date will determine when it even shows up on your TO DO list, depending on which filter you apply. This is in reference to use of the My Tasks page, from Launchpad, and then the Activities tab - this page is recommended for agency staff to manage their daily work across all work areas. There are several My Filters available on the Activities tab, such as Due Today, Overdue, etc. The Due Date will keep track as per the "Overdue" filter together with the Activity's status, such as Not Started, In Progress, etc. 

As per the info above, if you wanted to set a "tickler" for someone for an activity to be done a year from now - if it was a task they could do ANYTIME in the next year, then the Start Date could be set as today and the Due Date set to one year from now. If it is not something they should even start until next year, then set the Start Date for one year from now and the Due Date for the same. If the latter was the case yet the Start Date was set for today, the activity would show on the assigned person's TO DO list every day despite the fact that it does not need to be started until a year from now. Making this common 'mistake' can often reduce the effectiveness of Activities because staff might stop paying close attention.

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