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Modifying ACA Document Permissions

Permissions can be granted to view, add, delete, or download documents to and from a permit in ACA. These permissions can be granted to the following groups:

  • All ACA users (does not require sign-in)
  • Registered ACA users
  • Applicants
  • Contacts
  • Owners
  • Licensed professionals

The attached spreadsheet, ACA Document Permissions, shows the permissions available for each document type in ACA.

For steps to modify the document permissions, please view the attached document: How to Change Document Permissions for ACA

Note: Each uploaded document has a Document Group/Type where the default ACA permissions are configured. The document will inherit these permissions by default. Documents may not have more restrictive permissions than the default permissions configured for their Document Group/Type.

When you open the ACA professions screen in the Manage Documents dropdown and submit changes, the document will then inherit those changes.


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