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Cloning (related) and Copying (unrelated)

Cloning Related Records – in the Model, you are able to create a related child record through cloning [Navigation Pane > Related Records > select the record you want to clone > select the Clone Record button]. A clone is effectively a copy of the selected record and allows the agency to select which record items they want to include in the cloned copy.

Create Unrelated copies from a new record: go to your initial new record > click on Description of Work/Copy Recs (Unrelated) in the Navigation Pane > and select Clone from the Menu dropdown. You will then have the option of selecting the type/types of permits that you want to create as copies, the number, and which record items you want to include in your copies [note prior recommendations on what not to copy also apply here]. This method for copying records will not create them as related child records and each permit will have a distinct record number.

See attached training document for stepped out directions with screenshots.


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