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Exposed Deposit Slip Start Time and End Time Parameters

Exposed Deposit Slip report parameters - Start_time and End_time

On Monday, February 24th, the Start_time (default 00:00:00) and End_time (default 23:59:59) parameters will now be shown when the Deposit Slip report is run. This change will allow the user to tailor the report to match the jurisdiction’s business-day cutoff times for making their physical bank deposit of cash and checks.

We do not recommend using the Deposit slip to reconcile credit card transactions as these are not actually part of the physical deposit. Additionally, when a customer pays fees with a credit card, the logic in ePermitting assumes the funds are present and can be applied to the fee item – this is not necessarily the case as the funds from a credit card transaction are not actually available to your jurisdiction until the credit card transaction is settled. Settling often does not coincide with the date/time of the credit card payment. Additionally the Deposit Slip report does not include the credit card authorization number which is needed to reconcile credit. It is best to use either the Payments Received by Method or Credit Card Detail reports to reconcile credit since again there is no actual deposit action associated to these transactions.

An example on how to set the parameters when using the updated Deposit Slip report for a physical (money bag) deposit is displayed below. In this example, the office’s business day starts at 7:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm. Note that the report uses a 24-hour clock for the time parameters.

In this particular example, the jurisdiction does not have separate offices and all of the departments combine the money received into a single deposit and money bag – therefore, Office is set to ‘-All-‘ and Department is set to ‘-All-‘.

Because the report should list only transactions that were paid with money that would be included in the physical money bag, only select ‘Cash’ and ‘Check’ for the Payment_Type – select CTRL while clicking more than one value in the dropdown list.

The included screenshot shows the parameters for the daily deposit done at the end of business on January 28, 2020. Because cash and check payments could have been accepted after 4:00 pm end of business on January 27th, the report Start_date should be 01/27/2020 and the Start_time should be set to 16:00:01 (4:00:01 pm). The End_date should be 01/28/2020 and the End_time should be set to 16:00:00 (4:00:00 pm).

Note that the Deposit_id is not saved in the database and only appears on the printed report.


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