Knowledgebase : Upgrade Information
For all of the information on the Accela upgrade, please follow the link below to our website, which includes all of the information we have available.
There is a minor change that you will notice starting on Mon, June 28 in DEQ_COOS, DEQ_MEDFORD, CURRY_CO, and JOSEPHINE_CO. When you create a new record, the record type selection screen will look a little different. Please see attached a document with sc...
The New User Interface (New UI) had many changes to how delegate users function. Please use the link below to see more about these changes.
The following link outlines the new look in Accela and where to access the information you need:
Prior to the Upgrade there were several known issues that ePermitting has been tracking. We wanted to provide updates on those issues along with some issues ePermitting found and reported to Accela. ePermitting has included any workarounds or resolutions ...
For information on what environments are supported by the Accela update, including operating systems, web browsers, third party software or minimum hardware requirements, please use the link below.
This link shows the changes and new features of the New User Interface (New UI):
For an outline of using the global search and the enhancements made to the feature, select the link below: