Knowledgebase : Batch Jobs
For more information about configuring expiration processes for your jurisdiction, please contact the ePermitting Helpdesk.
See the attached documents for steps to manually expire a set of records.  
NOTE: THE EXPIRATION BATCH MUST BE SET UP BEFORE RUNNING THE SCRIPT.  See the attached document for steps to run the expiration letter script.
The BATCH EXPIRATION process can be configured in different ways, but the basic function is that it runs on a schedule and creates Sets of permits and/or applications that are about to expire. Once the Set has been created, you can go in and verify that e...
A permit or application can be closed due to expiration or because the record was withdrawn or voided. In each case, the workflow task “Close Out” has been completed with a relevant status. Jurisdiction staff with supervisor permissions uses the workflow...
Please see the attached document for a sample expiration letter.