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Additional attachments added to the total submittal list are the following:

  • Expiration Submittal – Public Works and Record Expiration Summary – Public Works OPTIONAL > this allows you to use our progressive record expiration process – we’ve included an informational document to assist in understanding how it all works. This does not have to be done now as you add this new module, you could elect to do this later on as you feel more comfortable with expiration dates and the general Accela process.
  • Public Works default record expiration REQUIRED > please designate if you want the default record expiration (all record types in PW) to expire by DAYS or MONTHS – and then provide the value for the unit you choose. The attached picture example is showing that the record expiration unit is set to DAYS and will set the record default expiration to 180 days from intake and then issuance.

Note: Use the same 5.0 System Users_With_dropdowns submittal from the Planning documents and add the PW users and permissions to that document so there is one user submittal for your agency.

 Days_Months Example.png (4.19 KB)
 Expiration Submittal - PublicWorks.doc (71.50 KB)
 Named Parcel examples for PW Module.docx (87.80 KB)
 PW Custom Fields Dropdown Submittal_Tracking Record.doc (62.00 KB)
 PW_Tracking_APPLICATION TYPE sample values_ALL AGENCIES.xlsx (18.95 KB)
 Record Expiration Summary - PublicWorks.doc (72.00 KB)
 Temporary Parcels.pdf (22.03 KB)
 User Permissions by Task Building.pdf (406.40 KB)
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