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Below is a list of the attached documents with information on each, which are REQUIRED and which are OPTIONAL.

It is very important that this timeline for return is met in order for us to maintain the implementation dates for this project.

1. Users and User Permissions Planning REQUIRED > this submittal is required in order for us to grant access to any users at your agency. Also please only fill in only the Planning column – list ALL users that need some level of access to Planning, including existing users in Building or Public Works, such as Internal Read Only or greater access if they need to participate in the Planning process in any way.

2. Planning Tracking ASI Dropdown and ASI Sample Application Types REQUIRED > this submittal is required in order for us to fully configure the module for your agency. If you are certain you will not use a particular dropdown across all application types, please just indicate ‘DO NOT USE’ and we will put this as the actual value

3. Planning Tracking TREE Submittal OPTIONAL > if you have a Tree Protection/Management Program and want to issue Tree Permits – just a note, this record type does require a scheduled installation.

4. Planning Online Payments OPTIONAL > you have the option to allow customers to pay invoiced fees online for Planning records, they can’t apply online (except for Trees) but they could pay any fees – please just let us know in response to this email either way, if you wish to allow online planning payments or not.

5. Alerts – application (Trees only), documents (default), payments (if you elect to allow online payment) REQUIRED > please provide a group/general email where your Planning department would like to receive Alerts of online activity including submittal of documents, Tree applications submitted, and/or the option of payments made on Planning records

6. Temp Parcels OPTIONAL > please review these documents and submit any named parcels you would like us to create for you to use as Parcels at intake.

7. The Planning Investigation ASI Dropdown Submission form that was attached to the below email originally. If your agency is going to use the enhanced Code Enforcement record type (Planning Investigation record type) – this submittal is required and must be completed and returned. 

 5 0 System Users_with_dropdowns.xlsx (24.08 KB)
 Planning Investigation ASI Dropdown Submission.doc (57.50 KB)
 Planning ASI Sample- Application Type.xls (23.00 KB)
 Planning Tracking ASI Dropdown Submission.doc (64.00 KB)
 Planning Tracking TREE Record Submittal.docx (61.60 KB)
 Planning Online Payments.doc (51.00 KB)
 Temporary Parcels.pdf (22.03 KB)
 User Permissions - Planning 7.08.14.pdf (374.61 KB)
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